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In today’s market, people have a choice in their energy supplier; consumers may choose a utility company such as ComEd and Nicor or go with the new alternative retail suppliers in Illinois. Because the market is deregulated, there is an abundance of energy options that offer reasonably priced, environmentally friendly electricity options for companies and residents. These suppliers generally have lower rates and give better estimates due to their smaller client base.

At CBBEL Energy, we compare your energy options so you may choose the best plan and rate for you, and if you decide to switch providers, you can easily do so for free through our website. With so many providers, plans, and options, making the right choice can be overwhelming; let us do the research and work for you and allow you to make a decision with all of your choices laid out in a simple format.

Call us today to get your free quote and for more information on your energy options at 847-823-0500 or info@cbbelenergy.com. Remember, this is no cost for our services.

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