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Energy Star Benchmarking

Chicago now follows the Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure Ordinance, stating that buildings over 50,000 square feet must be accountable for logging and reporting their energy consumption with EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager, which needs to be verified by a building specialist every three years. Full public disclosure of a company’s energy performance must be upheld in a leveled structure, allowing building owners time to strategize and apply performance-improving plans.

In order to meet standards, regulations, and implement performance-improving plans, CBBEL Energy offers the following services:

Building Fitness Plan – CBBEL Energy learns about your company’s needs and reviews the financials in order to create a completely personalized energy reduction plan complete with a financial plan, project opportunities, incentives, and an operating schedule.

CBBEL Energy Dashboard – Let the system work for you- this service automatically generates monthly  electricity, natural gas, and water usage and tracks their cost in the Portfolio Manager so you don’t need to manually enter monthly data into the system.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager Set Up – CBBEL will arrange your Portfolio Manager account, teach you how to use the tool, and ensure an efficient data-entry format.

Project Implementation – With our experience in engineering and contracting, CBBEL’s team delivers realistic cost-effective options. Our motivated, professional team works endlessly to help business owners find incentives, such as utility rebates, in order to carry out the soundest finances for your project.

To learn more about the CBBEL Energy benchmarking services and the benefits of having us on your team, contact us at 847.823.0500 or info@cbbelenergy.com

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