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CBBEL’s Natural Gas Experts

Every company has distinct needs and goals when it comes to energy solution, which is why CBBEL never takes a ‘one size fits all approach.’ Our energy specialists get to know your company inside and out before recommending a customized solution with risks and benefits that are simple to understand.

Natural Gas Purchasing Selections

Your energy advisor at CBBEL will help you navigate through the various choices when purchasing natural gas and will propose the best solution for your organization.

Balanced Procurement: This structured program chooses a monthly fixed price at a fixed percentage of half of the projected use for each month, with the other half coming from market rates.

Managed Procurement: With this solution, the supplier combines the purchasing choice into one monthly fee, covering all of your energy use.

Market Supply Procurement: Based on commodity market indexes, this selection packages costs and services into a market rate you can understand. The projected supply is obtained at the first of month price with fluctuations managed in the daily cash markets. Companies who allow for a cost variation in their budgets opt for this strategy.

Proactive Procurement: By exchanging the product/service price to a fixed price according to the evaluation of gas supply and demand, this solution uses regression analysis and other statistical factors to determine coverage levels and pricing goals.

Statistical Procurement: With the use of a first-rate analytical risk management tool, the statistical procurement program relies on logic and objectivity for buying your gas. This program works by tracking the market and evaluating it against previous pricing trends to take advantage of market opportunities and protect you against instable market phases.

Structured Procurement: This solution determines a monthly set price at a fixed percentage of anticipated monthly use.

To learn more about the CBBEL Energy natural gas services and the benefits of having us on your team, contact us at 847.823.0500 or info@cbbelenergy.com

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