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Municipal Aggregation

CBBEL Energy provides a full scope of opt-out aggregation program development work including:

  • Provide all competitive bid preparation and documentation.
  • Participation in public education events – specific number of events attended determined by Council, Village Committee, or Village Aggregation point person.
  • Development of a Plan of Operation and Governance per Village guidelines and program objectives.
  • Work with Village point person or committee to design supply objectives.
  • Determine unique objectives of Village with respect to product (term, percentage greened), inclusion of small commercial, separate or joint pricing for commercial and residential, etc.
  • Interact with wholesale market to hedge supply commitments.
  • Assist Village in completing data request forms with ComEd.
  • Take lead in extensive data exchange and cleansing between ComEd and Village.
  • Track customers opting-out of program for future contact, if desired by Village.

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